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Anime and Cat Ears go Together like Peanut Butter & Jelly….

Ears and Tails of Cats are just too Chibi and Kawaii to Resist. Many Fans like to Draw Anime Characters with Ears and Etc.

So this is another Item Filed at the Strange Anime Items Category =^_^=


Ah… Goggles Used A Lot in Anime or Manga.. Why are there so Many is Unknown But here are some Characters Listed that Wear Goggles in Manga/Anime:

  • Naruto – Ep 1 – Ep 2
  • Tai – Digimon
  • Obito – Naruto
  • & Many others.

I Can’t list a lot because I Suck at remembering Anime Characters but here are some Pictures to Prove it:

I Mean to see over 8 Manga characters having goggles Well isin’t normal but They do Look cool. 😛

Stay tuned for More “STRANGE ANIME ITEMS

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