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Anime and Cat Ears go Together like Peanut Butter & Jelly….

Ears and Tails of Cats are just too Chibi and Kawaii to Resist. Many Fans like to Draw Anime Characters with Ears and Etc.

So this is another Item Filed at the Strange Anime Items Category =^_^=


Tinier Me is holding up a Marathon!


RING METER For Tinierme Ring Marathon

How to Participate? Well that’s Easy! Go on tinierme enter Selfy Town and Hold up a Ring while someone Else is ringing you too~!                        Then you can make the Ring Meter grow the more People Ring others the More the Meter grows!

So we Need everyone to Participate so we can get Some Free Items like

  • Cat Paws Brown
  • Cat Feet Brown
  • Chibi Pet items x10

And the Greatest of all 😮 An Animated Item~!

So help out so we can All get this Item!

TinierMe Account: KakashiHatake

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