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Just recently Funimation got the Rights for “Dragon Ball” and have Dubbed and filtered it and made it into a DVD.

I Suggest and recommend you Buy this to truly understand the story of Dragon Ball Z/GT I Have just recently Bought Box Set 1/2/3 and It was awesome!

Here is a link to where you can Buy Season 1:



The story begins with a flashback to Feudal Japan, when the half-demon InuYasha raids a human village to steal the Jewel of Four Souls, a magical jewel that enhances its wielder’s powers and can grant a single wish. InuYasha hopes to use the gem to turn himself into a full-bloodeddemon, but is soon stopped when Kikyo, the young miko of the village, shoots him with a sacred arrow, sealing him onto the sacred tree Goshinboku in the nearby forest. Mortally wounded, Kikyo tells her younger sister, Kaede, to burn the jewel with her body to prevent it from falling into the hands of evil.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

  • There is an English Dub and a English Subbed version You can Also find the rest of the Episodes on the Website.

Here are some Awesome Icons and Avatars that you can use for Different things:-


Naruto Manga:

Naruto Believe it:




Naruto Fighting Dreamers:

Naruto Shippuden Episode 143 has just Arrived and is a Filler,


A Gang of Ninjas are heading to Utaka(The 4th Tail) and Mikoto To Attack and get the Forbidden jutsu passed down From Generation Mikoto has this jutsu but Luckily Mikoto’s Grandfather makes Mikoto & Utaka escape as The ninjas Beat up the Grandfather Badly,… Naruto,Sakura and Yamato Received a Mission to Protect utaka and Mikoto but Mikoto loves and wants Utaka to teach her Jutsus and be her Master,But Utaka doesent like her as Much and as Naruto and the others Arrive he leaves them to her and leaves her Devistated


  • 1)One of the Rouge Ninja is Named “BenTen”… Kinda close to The american Cartoon Show “Ben10”
  • 2)Naruto’s Eyes sometimes have Lashes and sometimes there gone


Note: You have to be a Premium Member of Crunchyroll To view this, I’ll add a link to a free user Version soon.

Happy. The annoying Blue Cat that Follows Natsu Around.

Happy is a Weird Magical Cat that has been with Natsu Dragneel since forever and has a Huge Obsession with Fish


Happy takes the form of a small blue cat with a white underbelly and tail-end wearing a green scarf around his neck and a green backpack that he carries around. When using his magic he can grow a pair of large angel-like wings that allow him to fly around and carry others. He has a unique ability which allows him to speak which may be attributed to his magic. His Fairy Tail tattoo is located on his back that is usually covered by the backpack.


Sometime before the start of the series, Natsu found a egg in the forest east of the town. Initially, Natsu thought it was a dragon egg due to the claw-like markings on the egg. Lisana offered to help, and the two attempted to keep the egg warm. A few days later, the two woke up to find the egg missing and after a confrontation with some of the other members of the guild it was eventually revealed that Elfmanhad took the egg to keep it warm at night. Just as the egg was returned it suddenly began to hatch and out popped a cat with wings: Happy – with his first word being “Aye!”. He was given the name thanks to Natsu after Lisana pointed out the change of atmosphere from one of anger to happiness after the hatching. Despite everyone else seeing him as a cat Natsu at first thought he was a dragon.[2]

Natsu and Happy soon become an inseparable team with Happy assisting in Natsu’s search for Igneel.

Hope you like’d the Character Bio. More fairy tail Characters Coming Up soon~! 😀

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