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— Simple Guide to getting a Green Colored Chibi Pet on Tinier Me —

1)Get a Wind-Type Chibi Pet

2)Go On selfy town

3) And by leveling him Up dont use any Emotion other than “Thunder & Cloud”

4) And by Level 60 he should permenantly be Green

5) Enjoy your Rare Chibi Pet :3


Here is a Simple Guide on Getting Fast Chibi Coins on Tinierme

  • Go on SelfyTown and Just add everyone you see. If you have 100 friends everytime you Log in You will be getting 100 Chibi coins everyday.
  • Make Diary’s Each diary is about 4 Chibi Coins
  • Comment on other Peoples Diaries for 2 Chibi Coins
  • You can also play games like “Old Maid” or “Sevens” and gain Medals to exchange for a high Amount of Chibi Coins

Once you do that everyday you wont have Trouble gaining coins on a Daily Basis.

There is also an Official Guide of how to Gain Chibi Coins here:


I Have about 806+ Friends on Tiner Me currently and i cant add People on Selfy town anymore If i want to add some friends i have to do it Through the website (Mini Mail) D:

Hope they fix this Problem soon~

Okay now i’m going to Explain the Weekly Site Maintenance’s on Tinierme.

Okay so lets start:


  • Why are there Site Maintenance’s?:-

Tinierme needs to Update weekly and add new Features to the Game,And to do that they need atleast 4 – 5 Hours So they can add the New features without Disturbance.

  • When does TinierMe get Maintenance’s?:-

The have been getting maintenances weekly now on every Thursday,If there going to change the date I’m not sure.


I Think i summed this Up…

Thanks for reading.

~KakashiHatake(on Tinierme)

Tinier Me is holding up a Marathon!


RING METER For Tinierme Ring Marathon

How to Participate? Well that’s Easy! Go on tinierme enter Selfy Town and Hold up a Ring while someone Else is ringing you too~!                        Then you can make the Ring Meter grow the more People Ring others the More the Meter grows!

So we Need everyone to Participate so we can get Some Free Items like

  • Cat Paws Brown
  • Cat Feet Brown
  • Chibi Pet items x10

And the Greatest of all 😮 An Animated Item~!

So help out so we can All get this Item!

TinierMe Account: KakashiHatake

Awesome Guitar Hero like Game

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