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Strange Anime Items: Goggles

Posted on: February 9, 2010

Ah… Goggles Used A Lot in Anime or Manga.. Why are there so Many is Unknown But here are some Characters Listed that Wear Goggles in Manga/Anime:

  • Naruto – Ep 1 – Ep 2
  • Tai – Digimon
  • Obito – Naruto
  • & Many others.

I Can’t list a lot because I Suck at remembering Anime Characters but here are some Pictures to Prove it:

I Mean to see over 8 Manga characters having goggles Well isin’t normal but They do Look cool. 😛

Stay tuned for More “STRANGE ANIME ITEMS


2 Responses to "Strange Anime Items: Goggles"

Kyaha! The girl with the orange hair is “Edward Wong Hau Pepilu Tivrusky IV!” from Cowboy Bebop ❤

And googles are cool! I didn't notice how many anime characters had them o3o;



XD! I’m so used to typing “google” in the search bar. o-o

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