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#4 Featured Character: Jirobo

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Jirobo isin’t well Known but he is a Very Powerful Opponent and is one of the All might Sound ninja 4


He first Appeared at the Konoha Invasion arc Aiding Orochimaru with the Rest of the Sound Ninja,He doesent talk Much but is very Hot tempered.

Although he as Died Fighting Choji he has shown to be Equal power to Choji and a Very powerful Shinobi


Jirōbō’s fighting style consisted mostly of basic physical strikes supplemented with the ability to use his chakra to hold the earth solid. His physical strength was unbelievable, which was demonstrated when he held up a mountain-sized Chōji when in Level 2 cursed seal form. He tore boulder-sized chunks of dirt out of the ground to throw, created barriers by tearing up massive sheets of rock, and could drain chakra with his Chakra Absorption Technique. He was almost always enormously hungry, and he could get the same energy from absorbing opponents’ chakra that one would get from food. When in cursed seal level 2 form, his skin became red, his Mohawk became a mane down his back, and he gained ten times his normal strength.


He has got the Second Curse mark Transformation Like the rest of the Sound Ninja but Not liked by the Others and is Considered The weakest of the 4.


Hope this made you alittle more considered to Jirobo the Lovable Side Character xD


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