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Posted on: December 31, 2009

TinierMe is a virtual world where you can customize your own personal Avatar, interact with others, and play online games for free!

You can make a Anime Character and Play him,By Joining Groups and Making New Friends,Buying items to Make

Your “SELFY” Look cooler and Join games such as Old Maid and Sevens.

Not only that,You can make Diaries such as Your daily life Diaries and Anything kinda like a Mini-Blog,And gain Chibi Coins,Chibi coins are Fake Money you use to Buy items and Interior items. Here is my SELFY “KakashiHatake”

Not only that But it’s also an Online Multi-Player game where you go to a World “SELFY TOWN” Where you can meet Other Selfies and Go fishing and Visit Other locations at the Map.

There is also another Feature where you can Buy Chibi Pets little Pets that follow you around and grow up If you raise them Well.

And if you get Bored fear not! Almost every week there is a New event.

Feel free to add me as Friend [KakashiHatake] Im usually at the Main town And Don’t forget to Join!


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2 Responses to "TinierMe"

hey! Add me, I also have a TM account
I see you in my friends pages, so, feel free to add me…
My nickname there is Raphaelle.
also, add jy friend is u do not mind.
her nickname is MilFleur. Thank you!


ive got an account too its called eeveeo

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