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Naruto Episode 4 “The Trial! Survival Training”

Posted on: December 18, 2009

First Appearances:



Team 7 are asked to meet at a Place for there Team Capitan “Kakashi Hatake” but Hes late,So naruto Comes up with a Plan To put up a Eraser on top of the door so That when Kakashi enters the Door he gets hit on the Head,and Everyone doubts that it will work Because Kakashi is a Jonnin but Superisingely it worked and Kakashi says He got his First Imperstion of the Team and they were “A Bunch of Idiots” and Then asks then To introduce themself later on He tells them There First Mission is a Survival Mission and it Starts at 5 AM Tomorrow and to Skip breakfast or they will Puke… And they come right on time and 4 Hours later Kakashi shows up Late again with an Excuse,Then starts the mission they Must both get 2 bells from Kakashi to Win the Mission,and they all Hide but Naruto comes charging in to Attack but Naruto totally Got his Ass-kicked by Kakashi But sasuke thinks this is His chance for Him to attack Kakashi because he was off Guard and Attacks Kakashi with Shuriken.



Extra Info:

This was the First time “Thousand Years of Death” Jutsu was Introduced by Kakashi.


1 Response to "Naruto Episode 4 “The Trial! Survival Training”"

Naruto is really naughty. Kakashi has paid for his always being late. That’s what he gets for not being conscious about time…lol

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