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Naruto Episode 3 “Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura”

Posted on: December 18, 2009

First Appearances:

  • Kakashi
  • Kurenai
  • Asuma
  • Sasuke,Sakura,Ino,Choji,Kiba,Shino,Hinata,Shikamaru


Naruto gets to find Out whos in his Team and all the Rest of the Gennins are in 3-Man Cells,Naruto gets to be With Sakura his Crush and Sasuke Sakura’s Cursh What luck and He Gets Jealous over Sasuke because all the Rest of the Girls including Sakura love Him so,He secretly tracks sasuke and Wraps him up and Turns himself into Sasuke,to Trick Sakura so he goes to Sakura and Sasuke and Gives her a Kiss but While he was about to Kiss her he got a Stomach Ache and had to keep going to the Bathroom,But The real Sasuke Gets loose and Leaves and goes to sakura and Tells her shes Annoying,But sakura feels sad because She thinks thats How naruto feels and tries to Become more Kind when Naruto’s Around,Kakashi is introduced Into naruto’s House.


In the Original Japanese Version Kurenai’s Hair was Straight with Big lips and small Eyes,But in the Dubbed Version she had Big eyes,Messy Hair with a Oval Face.



1 Response to "Naruto Episode 3 “Rivals! Sasuke and Sakura”"

Naruto’s crush is Sakura and Sakura likes Sasuke. Funny Naruto! His trick did not work. Better luck next time…

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