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Naruto Episode 2 Summary

Posted on: December 18, 2009

So i’ve just Finished Watching Episode 2 of Naruto and Here i’ll Write the Summary,New characters appearance and Etc..


New Characters:

  • Konohamaru
  • Ebisu


Naruto gets his Ninja Admission Picture but it turns out Wrong,Then some Mysterious Kid runs toward the 3 Hokage and charges at Him with a Shuriken but Trips,It turns out that Kid was “Konohamaru” the Honorable Grandson of the 3rd Hokage his is going After the 3rd hokage to get his Place as 5th Hokage,But blames Naruto on His trip and naruto Smacks him in the Head,Konohamaru is Shocked on how Naruto did that and Everyone was Scared of Konohamaru because hes the Grand-Son of the Hokage,So Konohamaru took a liking to Naruto and is Following him around and Asked naruto if he Could be his Student,And teach his Ninjutsu,But teaches him Things like Sexy Jutsu,But ebisu Konohamaru’s Former Trainer caught up to Naruto and Had a fight with him to See whos Stronger,Naruto made his Harem Jutsu and Nose-Bleed Ebisu and From now on Naruto and Konohamaru are Rivals! and Naruto’s Ninja Training Starts Tomorrow!



Extra Info:

This episode is the 2nd Episode of the Original First season of Naruto.

I Give this Episode a Thumbs up! You must catch this Episode or You wont Know The Character Konohamaru.


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