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Naruto Episode 1 “Summary” “Flaws”

Posted on: December 5, 2009

It starts with a scene of the Ninjas fighting off the 9-Tails while showing the 4th Hokage sealing the 9-Tailed beast into his son Naruto,Then 12 years later it shows Naruto running away from Ninja because he Painted on the Hokages faces on the Wall then he gets Caught by Iruka because he Hasen’t gone to School and takes him Back that day was the Exam day to take all the Academy students -> To Gennin  And that Test was everyone must make 3 Copies of of themselve Everyone passed except Naruto making 1 Copy and failing miserabelly,Later “Mizuki” tells naruto to find a Scroll called the Scrolled of Sealing he could pass the Exam,later on Naruto finds the scroll and steals it and then uses to learn Shadow clown Jutsu,then Mizuki runs to Iruka’s room to tell him Naruto Stole the Scroll,then all the ninjas are angry and are trying to find Naruto,As iruka finds naruto,Mizuki is there and they fight naruto uses his Shadow clone jutsu and beat Mizuki up! And Iruka-sensei Graduates naruto,Making him a Gennin and ending the Episode.


Here are the Flaws/Confusing things that happened in the Episode:

1)Iruka Caught naruto not being at School,Why wasen’t Iruka at school? How could he leave all those Students.

2)How did naruto get the Scroll of Sealing if that scroll could Break Mankind shouldint they hide it Some where Hard to find If naruto got it so Easy then any ninja can just steal it.

3)Naruto made Millions of clones if naruto could of done that On every battle he wouldint loose That jutsu is just a Plot Hole.



2 Responses to "Naruto Episode 1 “Summary” “Flaws”"

Hahahaha…those loopholes make the story exciting. These are parts of the story to make us become more excited…. But you actually have a point.

u said on

flaw 1) Iruka Caught naruto not being at School,Why wasen’t Iruka at school? How could he leave all those Students.

Perhaps Iruka noticed Naruto was missing and left the students with another sensei.

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